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BMC material introduction
Dec 16, 2016

BMC (DMC) materials, Bulk (Dough) abbreviation for molding compounds, namely, molding, internally often called unsaturated polyester molding compound, its main raw material is determined by GF (chopped glass fibers), UP (unsaturated polyester resins), MD (padding) as well as various additives fully composite material prepreg.

DMC material Yu in the 1960 of the 20th century in Qian West Germany and United Kingdom, first to application, then in 70 generation and 80 generation respectively in United States and Japan get has larger of development, for BMC mission-like die plastic has excellent of electrical performance, mechanical performance, heat sex, resistance chemical corrosion sex, and adapted various forming process, can meet various products on performance of requirements, so increasingly by general user of love.