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Cable support diversity diversity
Dec 16, 2016

Cable bracket has sophisticated of compatibility, the professional can total with a support hanging frame; full using space, can makes the professional of control to sophisticated of harmonic, credentials using situation, and customer of particularly needs, provides difference process of material has plating Zinc hot plating zinc and the powder plating zinc coating now of cable bracket of type many, FRP and General metal of electric chemical corrosion mechanism different, it not conductive, in electrolytic quality solution in not has ion dissolved out, thus on atmosphere, and water and General concentration of acid, and alkali, and Salt and other media has good chemical stability, particularly highly non-oxidizing acids and a wide range of PH values in the range of medium has good adaptability.

Our products bulk molding compound molded products made of glass fibers, molding process reliability in operation, and can meet the demands of automation and mechanization production, improve working conditions, for the efficient production of profiled polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic products in a new way.