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SMC composite characteristics of power distribution box
Dec 16, 2016

(1) fully insulated safety: SMC composite distribution boxes, switch box with high Breakdown voltage and insulation resistance, prevents leakage accident, can keep a good dielectric properties at high frequencies, not reflection, blocks the transmission of microwave, suitable for crowded or cramped places, avoid body electric shock phenomenon.

(2) corrosion resistance: excellent corrosion resistance, which can effectively resist water, gasoline, alcohol, salt, acetic acid, electrolysis, hydrochloric acid, sodium and potassium compounds in urine, asphalt, the corrosion of acid and alkali soils and acid rain.

(3) anti-aging: good aging resistance, surface with a layer of strong resistance to UV protection, dual protection with higher ageing resistance, suitable for all kinds of bad weather, long term use-+ 80 ℃-50 ℃ environment, protection grade IP44.

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