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Problems Facing Chinese Plastic Mould Industry
Dec 16, 2016

China plastic products industry plastic dosage from 2006 of 28.02 million tons fast growth to 2012 of 57.82 million tons, January 2013 ~ December, China plastic products industry cumulative completed production 61.88 million tons, most plastic products of forming are rely on Yu plastic mold, so plastic products industry of fast development on plastic mold industry formed has strong of market needs, especially in recent years, China car, and appliances, host industry fast development, capacity continued increased, And with the advancement of technology, plastic parts use continues to rise, rapid development of Chinese plastic mould industry directly.

According to China report Hall understand, China of plastic mold development is with plastic industrial of development and development of, in recent years, people on various equipment and supplies light quantitative and the beautiful and feel of requirements increasingly high, this on for plastic products provides has more broad of market, plastic products to development, must requirements plastic mold with of development, car, and appliances, and office supplies, and industrial electrical, and building materials, and electronic communications, plastic products main user industry in recent years are high run, development quickly, so, plastic mold also fast development.