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Why FRP Pultruded Profiles Are Widely Used In Construction?
Dec 11, 2018

FRP Bridge-1

The reason why FRP pultruded profile products can be applied in the construction industry is because the material itself has good comprehensive properties such as high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, flame retardant, heat insulation, sound insulation and no deformation under long-term illumination. Better than wood, steel, plastic, aluminum alloy and other materials, FRP doors and windows will become China's ideal new building materials. The domestic and international market potential is huge. Due to the further improvement of the performance and durability of the FRP pultruded profile and the combined connection technology, the credibility is enhanced, and it has now entered the structural materials industry from the interior to the exterior decorative materials and civil materials that have been applied in the past. For example, large-scale pultrusion I-beam  products are used, and beams are used to construct a 19-meter-high stair tower, which can withstand strong winds, designed to wind load of 650kg/cm2 or more. The trial use of pultrusion FRP as a bridge structural material is expanding, and the sidewalk bridge has been put into practical use. There are also examples of building road bridges. If the bridge spans 6m and the bridge width is 3m, the 11-ton truck can pass. Japan uses pultrusion of FRP to make concrete formwork, replacing some of the plywood. Saving natural wood is of great significance. This FRP template is 1/3 lighter than the steel formwork. It is easy to transport, install and disassemble. It has good peeling property, good surface roughness, no rust, corrosion resistance, suitable for construction in coastal areas, and other The material is inlaid. Soundproof siding for highways is a new area of pultrusion FRP products. Since the baffle has good strength, good weather resistance and good radio wave permeability, it can compete with the polyvinyl chloride baffle. Japan has developed a platform to prevent the avalanche grid from replacing the previous steel plate, solving the problem that the steel plate is easy to rust, difficult to move, difficult to construct, high maintenance cost, and the weight can be reduced by 1/2.