SMC Cabinets & Enclosures

  • Anti-explosive Enclosures

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    Anti-explosive Enclosures

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) material, rigid, sustainable, low weight, fire resistant, chemical resistant, and long serving life, is a very suitable material for producing anti-explosive enclosures after adding special mineral agent into SMC material. Read More

  • SMC Battery Enclosures

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    SMC Battery Enclosures

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) material is a composite material made up of polyester resin, chemical agents, pigments, mineral fillers and reinforced by fiberglass. Read More

  • FRP Meter Boxes

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    FRP Meter Boxes

    Electric meters, gas meters and water meters all require suitable, sustainable, rigid, light weight and cheap boxes to protect the inner meters and facilities. Read More

  • Fiber Cable Distribution Cabinets

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    Fiber Cable Distribution Cabinets

    HUAYUAN (HAMC)'s fiber/cable distribution cabinets are made from sheet molding compound (SMC) material which is a polyester material reinforced with fiberglass. Read More

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