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  • SMC Molded Bullet Train Window Frame

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    SMC Molded Bullet Train Window Frame

    This is our latest product of 2018, SMC Molded Bullet Train Window Frame. The SMC material for train window frame has formulated by us (HAMC) to meet EN45545 standards. A 2000 Ton hydraulic press machine is used to mold this window frame. We produce different types of... Read More

  • SMC Antena Reflector

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    SMC Antena Reflector

    Dish antenna plays an important role of our modern life. Without Dish antenna, daily communications, military and even space research can all be not possible. Read More

  • SMC Manhole Covers

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    SMC Manhole Covers

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) material manhole covers are designed to fully meet requirements of EN124:1994 standards, replacing cast iron manhole covers. Read More

  • SMC Cable Trays

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    SMC Cable Trays

    SMC Cable Trays There are many types of materials for producing cable trays like sheet metal, thermoplastics, wood, or concrete. Read More

  • SMC Cable Brackets

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    SMC Cable Brackets

    SMC (sheet molding compound) material cable brackets are evolutional products replacing metal, concrete or thermoplastic cable brackets by offering so many advantages comparing to these traditional material brackets. Read More

  • SMC Water Tanks

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    SMC Water Tanks

    SMC (sheet molding compound) material is formulated of polyester resin, chemical agents, and mineral fillers, reinforced by fiberglass. Read More

  • SMC Shower Trays

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    SMC Shower Trays

    SMC (sheet molding compound) material is a revolutionary material for sanitary industry. It is water proof and doesn't absorb moisture. Read More

  • SMC Sinks

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    SMC Sinks

    SMC Sinks SMC (sheet molding compound) material is new for making sinks, but it is an ideal material for this application. Read More

  • SMC Tactile Tiles

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    SMC Tactile Tiles

    Tactile tile is one of the typical applications of SMC (sheet molding compound) material. Firstly SMC material is colorfast and UV stable. Read More

  • SMC Roof Tiles

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    SMC Roof Tiles

    Because of the excellent properties of SMC (sheet molding compound) material, it is the best choice for making roof tiles than any other traditional materials like clay etc. Read More

  • SMC Pallets

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    SMC Pallets

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) material pallets are durable for over 10 years for outdoor applications or over longer for indoor applications. Read More

  • Train Interior Parts

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    Train Interior Parts

    Similar to the automotive industry, train industry is also a very important market for sheet & bulk molding compound (SMC BMC) materials. Read More

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